Najdeh’s Activities January 2013

استمرّت جمعية النجدة الاجتماعية خلال الشهر الأول من عام 2013 بتقديم الخدمات والمساعدات للنازحين السوريين والفلسطينيين في كافة مراكزها من الشمال الى جنوب لبنان
وقد استقبلت الجمعية في روضاتها الأطفال النازحين دون تمييز وتمّ دمجهم في كافة الأنشطة وخاصة في برنامج العمل الاجتماعي  النفسي الذي قدّم للأطفال مساحة للعب والتنفّس والتفريغ 

By the beginning of year 2013, Association Najdeh continued its services and assistance to Syrian/Palestinian refugees in all its centers, from North to South Lebanon.

Najdeh received in all its kindergartens the displaced refugee children  without discrimination. They were integrated in the whole activities especially in the activities of psycho-social program, that gave the children a safe place to play, breathe and let out the negative feelings.

Najdeh Société a poursuivi au cours du premier mois de l’année 2013 pour fournir des services et une assistance pour les Syriens et les Palestiniens déplacés dans tous ses centres du nord au sud du Liban.

Assemblée a reçu les enfants déplacés sans discrimination, et a été intégré dans toutes les activités, en particulier dans le programme de travail social psychiatrique qui a fourni un espace pour les enfants à jouer et respirer et de déchargement.

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About najdeh

Association Najdeh –AN- was founded at the beginning of Lebanese civil war in 1976 by a group of independent secular Lebanese group to economically empower the displace Palestinian refugee women of Tel-Za'ater camp, one of the destroyed Palestinian refugee camp. These women became the main breadwinners of their families. Pieces of canvas and threads-Palestinian embroidery- were distributed to Tel-Za’atar displaced women and AN paid them for their work while working on selling the embroidery pieces. Later on the same year Najdeh started a nursery and a KG for these embroidery working women to enable them to work while providing their children the needed care
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