Women behind Najdeh

Association Najdeh on World Humanitarian Day is honoring the brave ladies behind the projects and programs.

Each one of them dedicated her personal and vocational life to make the activities possible, the projects running, and the communication between Najdeh and the local community very well.

The belief in changing women’s lives was their goal. Women should have access to education, women should enjoy their childhood and fight early marriages, women should have equal rights with men, and women should work. They dedicated each single moment in their lives to fight for what they believe, It was more than 7 or 8 hours daily work, it was all day work, “You can’t just let it go even if you left work and saw something needs you to talk and violates women rights” that’s the spirit.



Leila El Ali, a social fighter, a leader and a well representative for fighting for women rights. She dedicated her life to develop the structure of Association Najdeh and supervise the training of the staff to be equipped with the necessary tools of advocacy and solidarity for the Palestinian cause and women rights. She is fierce concerning the violations of women rights. When you get to know her, she is funny, kind and caring.



Sabah Baalbaki, a strong woman, with amazing lovable spirit. She has been working with Najdeh for more than 20 years. She is tough at work but very kind if you get close to her. Her job is not easy, supervising the kindergartens at Najdeh and receiving 600 children on annual basis. Giving so much of her time and her power to implement and supervise new learning techniques and methods. On the personal level, she has a warm heart and a very kind personality.



Nawal Hasan, another strong woman, with unbelievable energy to always be ready for any call for duty. She has a very sarcastic humor spirit. Inside her heart a great pain after the destruction of Naher El Bared camp and suffered as all the refugees of the camp a second displacement. She is the voice of women in North and her strong personality puts her in the popular committees side by side with men.


Khadija Abdul Al, a woman with the heart of a fighter. She is elegant and sophisticated. She has a strong personality. When you become close to her, you will find a lady fond of traditional cooking, braveness in many situations socially and politically, and above all a beautiful heart.



Bothaina Saad, the sweetest woman you will ever meet. A great defender for women rights, She is a humble lady, a great listener, and a good advisor. When you know her in person you will feel comfortable, that’s why she is supervising domestic violence program at Najdeh and always aim to decrease violence among the refugees.


Wisal El Jishi, a woman with a big heart. She believes in giving the chance to women to prove themselves as women. She is a lovable mother who dedicated her life for her work and her children. When you get to know her you will feel that you know her from amny many years. In the camp of Burj el Barajneh people knows her more than the head of the municipality. She is a lovely lady with a will to make a change in the camp.



Majida Jawad, a woman that deserves respect and appreciation for the amazing efforts exerting in spreading the awareness about women rights in the refugee camps. A strong woman who stood in the face of Israeli soldiers during the Israeli invasion; and fought for her rights as Palestinian and as a woman. She is a woman that does what she says and implements what she believes in; yes that’s how she raised up her daughters.















Amneh Bisher, a woman with strong will, an example of good thinker, pure mind of resistance. In her life, she seeks for developing her vocational training program and in continuous search for improving refugees’ lives through assisting them in finding jobs. Her kind character makes you feel close to her, and she has high sense of humor.




Intisar Abu Salem, a great mind and a great ability to work with a team or alone. She has high sense of devotion to her work. She sacrificed by her personal life to give Najdeh all what she can. Commitment to the Palestinian cause and women rights made her exceptional. She is a woman that you can depend on.

Yousra Jarad; a dedicated strong woman. Lots of responsibilities and tasks and the ability to handle all this with a smile. A tough personality but kind, devoted to her job and to Najdeh.
















Fatmeh Shaheen; a loving lady, a friend and a great listener. Whatever the burdens of life you have, she can lift over all that with a smile and a good talk. She has magical influence by her presence and she doesn’t know what is the meaning of quitting.

Moyassar Taha; A woman who doesn’t know the meaning of “surrender”, she is the source of information at the association. A woman who has a great pure mind full of the will to know more, and learn more about her job. A grandmother and she has a heart of lovable lady.

And we should not forget all the staff working in the fields and behind the desks; the volunteers who are a big part of accomplishing the projects.

On the World Humanitarian Day, Thank you all.

About najdeh

Association Najdeh –AN- was founded at the beginning of Lebanese civil war in 1976 by a group of independent secular Lebanese group to economically empower the displace Palestinian refugee women of Tel-Za'ater camp, one of the destroyed Palestinian refugee camp. These women became the main breadwinners of their families. Pieces of canvas and threads-Palestinian embroidery- were distributed to Tel-Za’atar displaced women and AN paid them for their work while working on selling the embroidery pieces. Later on the same year Najdeh started a nursery and a KG for these embroidery working women to enable them to work while providing their children the needed care
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